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MidMod World

12 - Dec - 2014

A large selection of mid-century modern retro and vintage glassware and ceramics as well as some electrical and homeware items. It's a mid-mod world!


Mid-century Modern Glassware

Decorative Glassware

This section includes decorative glassware from fine European makers such as Whitefriars, Murano, Orrefors, Kosta Boda. If you have any similar items you wish to sell or trade, please get in touch as we are always keen to expand our stock (especially Whitefriars).

Postage and return policy

Due to Royal Mail's complicated parcel rates both UK and Overseas customers will need to contact us prior to any purchase for a quote on shipping.

All items we sell are second hand and every effort is made by us to give accurate descriptions of condition. However wear and tear is a fact of life regarding retro items. If you are not happy with the item you receive please let us know within 7 days and we will discuss a solution.


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